Our Philosophy

Parramatta FC has a firm belief that creativity (boss over ball and opponent), challenges (learn fakes and passing movements like International stars of the game) and enjoyment is fundamental to a player’s success. We will teach football skills where the player is the central focus. Through this development process we aim to maximise the development for each player. Parramatta FC encourages learning from the mistakes, encouraging individual play, taking risk and initiatives.

“Be gutsy and dare to make mistakes”

To tackle shortcomings we promote a style of play that corresponds with the Australian mentality of a progressive, attacking game that will also teach fundamental football skills. 

Parramatta FC - System of Play 1-4-3-3

Parramatta FC will provide a game and training environment that is safe, enjoyable and inclusive. The purpose is to challenge players and get them making independent decisions. The structure of our training and the methodology in our sessions is a continuously evolving process so we can achieve the best possible experience for our players and their development. Parramatta FC will tailor age related training programs to improve the learning experience of its players.

Parramatta FC
players will be selected on the following qualities:
• Technical
• Tactical
• Physical
• Communication

Parramatta FC players and team will be developed on core skills and principles.
These skills and principles can be tailored to suit each age group:

• First Touch
• Running with the ball
• Passing and striking
• 1 v 1
• Playing out from the back
• Positioning games
• Defending
• Attacking
• Conditioning practices

The future success of Parramatta FC will be a result of the quality of the training methodologies implemented and executed by the technical director as a result of the FFA’s analysis of Australian football development. The objective of Parramatta FC is to be the leader in football development where every player, member and parent is a valued part of our football community. At Parramatta FC our style of coaching is linked to our core values, philosophy and methodology:
• We strive for performance, not results - the player’s development takes precedence.
• We teach our players football skills, creativity, initiative and problem solving skills.