Our Values

Our Values – It’s about being “DEDICATED”

Parramatta FC success is built on our core values of “DEDICATED”. At Parramatta FC we are devoted to developing football careers.
We ask all members of Parramatta FC to adopt the following values:


- All Players, Members, Parents and Staff show care and conscientiousness in their respective roles.
- At Parramatta FC we are continually learning knowledge and skills and sharing that knowledge within the club.
- All Players, Members, Parents and Staff behave with honesty and humility and have an overriding respect for each other.
- At Parramatta FC we encourage players and staff to assess their performance and give them the power and opportunity to creatively improve.
- At Parramatta FC we work as a team, at all times, both on and off the field.
- At Parramatta FC we are here to work and achieve and are proactive in doing so.
- Parramatta FC is a community club and recognises the importance of the member families and broader community involvement in their success.
- Every player, member, parent and staff are committed to being involved in the club’s activities.
- All players, members, parents and staff abide by a strict code of behaviours ensuring we represent Parramatta FC appropriately at all times.